Address: Pareraweg 45 , Curaςao
Contact : (+5999) 434 3500

Company Name: Zaxxon Business S.A.

Date incorporated: 21 February 2012

Date listed: 12 June 2013

Symbol: ZAXX-SA

ISIN: ES0184814004

Shares outstanding/listed: 60000

Share price: EUR 1.00

Financial Year end: Address: Paseo de Garcia 21, 4-1A

Barcelona 08007


Listing Adviser (LAD): Global Listing and Exchange Services NV

LAD contact: +5999 4343500

Zaxxon Business S.A., Spanish SA, dedicated to invest in energy companies and projects in the growth markets of Latin America with a special emphasis on countries overlooked by foreign investors where political risks can be managed and local capital markets tapped into. Zaxxon's management team, through their professional experience and business contacts, have the ability to (i) screen, identify and analyze attractive target companies to maximize risk-adjusted investment returns. The company intends to take advantage of the latest developments in terms of regulations and technologies, in thermal power generation, renewable energy as well as potentially in mining. Zaxxon Business S.A. would like to raise capital to acquire and to develop such companies.