WW Sec & Trades B.V.

Address: Pareraweg 45 Willemstad, Curaςao
Contact person: Frank Lammers

WW Sec and Trades B.V. is a new advisor & Broker Company that emerged from the long lasting business relationship between an independent financial services professional and a family of entrepreneurs, active in a variety of businesses in Panama.

While active in the field of investment management and advisory during the first year, WW Sec & Trades (operating under the trade name World Wide Securities) will develop towards a Multi-Family office with the following service offering:

  • Investment Services;
  • Estate Planning;
  • Listing Advisory;
  • Brokerage;
For more information and an introduction to the company, you can contact Mr. Frank Lammers from Amergeris. Amergeris helps companies to become eligible DCSX Listing Advisers, Exchange Members and Brokers.