Waters Years Holding Group Limited

Address: Pareraweg 45 , Curaςao
Contact : (+5999) 434 3500

Company Name: Waters Years Holdings Group Limited

Registered number: 1942431

Date incorporated: Aug 26, 2015

Date approved: July 14, 2017

Symbol: WSYS

Shares outstanding/listed: 683 million

Share price: 0.7 USD

Public shares 333 million

Address: Vistra Corporate Services Centre, Wickhams Cay II, Road Town, Tortola, VG1110, British Virgin Islands

The Chinese operating entity Jilin Waters Years Agriculture Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Financial Year end: December 31st

Listing Adviser (LAD): Shanghai Chucheng Investment Management Co., Ltd.

LAD contact: www.chinacccg.com

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