Shared Universe Ventures Ltd

Address: Curaςao
Contact :

Class:Class A voting and profit sharing shares (For information on other share classes pls. contact the Listing Advisor)

Date Listed: 14 August 2014

Fund Type: Closed Ended Investment Fund

Min. Subscription Amount: 20,000.00

Currency: USD

Investment Manager: Delegated by the board of directors to Mr. Gert Rudolf Viljoen

PO Box 369



Republic of South Africa (For further information pls. contact the Listing Advisor)

Fund Administrator: Amicorp South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Boardwalk Lakeside, Block 4, 107 Haymeadow

Crescent, Faerie Glen 0043, Pretoria,

Republic of South Africa

Ticker Symbol: SUVL-VG

Listing Advisor: Global Listing and Exchange Services N.V.

LAD Contact: (+5999) 434 3500