Shanghai ChuCheng gets 5-th listing approved: CSKG

Approval for listing of crypto and digital assets investment
February 8, 2018
February 13, 2018

Shanghai ChuCheng gets 5-th listing approved: CSKG

Chenshuo Holding Co., Ltd.” (“CSKG”) is a company registered in the Cayman Islands.

The company is the 5-th listing brought to the DCSX by Listing Advisor Shanghai Chu Cheng Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Chenshuo Holding Co., Ltd. is 100 % owner of the sub-company named “Chenyin International Holding Limited” registered in Hong Kong and subject to the laws of Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance, which in turn is 100% owner of a sub-company named “Shanghai Chenzhao Trading Co., Ltd”. “Shanghai Chenzhao Trading Co., Ltd.” is a company incorporated and organized under the laws of China as a Wholly Owned Foreign Entity (“WOFE”) which owns 100% of “Hebei Chenyuan Investment Company Limited.” (“Chenyuan Investment”). Chenyuan Investment is the actual operating company in China with actual business.

Hebei Chenyuan Investment Co., Ltd. is the actual operating entity company in China, and is a company that invests in some outstanding businesses with their own capital, as well as offering investment consulting service. More details about the company can be found in Section 7 “Business Overview” of this Information Memorandum. Detailed background information of the Directors and Senior Management Team can be found in Section 9 of this Information Memorandum.

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