Progruss Investments Limited

Address: Pareraweg 45 , Curaςao
Contact : (+5999) 434 3500

Class: 5000 Ordinary Voting Non profit sharing shares of Euro 1 each

(For information on other share classes pls. contact the Listing Advisor)

Date Listed: 15 August 2014

Fund Type: Private Company limited by shares

Min. Subscription Amount: Not applicable

Currency: EURO

Investment Manager: Delta Asset Management (Barbados) Ltd, a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Barbados, whose registered office is at Carleton Court, 2nd Floor, High Street, Bridgetown, Barbados BB11128

Fund Administrator: Menustrust Limited, a company limited by shares, with registration NQ H.E. 201284, incorporated under the Companies Law of Cyprus

Ticker Symbol: PROG-CV

Listing Advisor: Global Listing and Exchange Services N.V.

LAD Contact: (+5999) 434 3500