Last Wednesday Sept 13 a very special DCSX celebration was held at the Amidos Lighthouse offices at the Amazia venue.

“In a filled presentation room with financial services and legal experts we celebrated the first listing of a holding company of a Chinese operating company. A unique moment because this opens up a very large potential pool of listings from companies out of China and the Far East. No beginning is easy, but with this first Chinese listing we have taken another important step in executing our mission which is: bring companies and investors from all over the world together” , stated a happy René Römer, Managing Director / CEO of the DCSX.  

The event was opened by Mr. Römer who briefly explained the specific case: the Listing Advisor (which is the professional advisor that brings a company to the exchange) is Shanghai Chucheng Capital Management (headed by Managing Director Mr. Li Houhai), and the company that is listed on the DCSX is TianChen International Holding Group (headed by Chairman of the Board Mr. Mao Yi). The operating subsidiary, Anhui Zhong Hao Tian Yu Biological Technology Co., Ltd in Anhui Province, China, is specialized in the development, production and sales of high end beverages among which ice teas, protein, sport and energy drinks as well as vitamin and fruit drinks.

Both Mr. Li and Mr. Mao were accompanied by several of their principal officers and managers.

Present were also Ministers of Finance and of Economic Development respectively Mr. Kenneth Gijsbertha and Dr. Steven Martina. Dr. Martina addressed the ones present on behalf of the Curacao Government, thanking the Chinese guests for the confidence in our country and the DCSX and reiterated that while Curacao is small we can together with serious business partners do really great things.

Also Mr. Li and Mr. Mao addressed themselves to the public explaining their plans for the future and where they see parties working together.

Finally to officially seal the listing the “bell was rung” in Chinese tradition by hitting a gong after which the guests enjoyed a cocktail and snacks.



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