The Dutch Caribbean Securities (Limited) B.V. (DCSL), is an international securities company located in Curacao (an autonomous country within  the Netherlands Kingdom). DCSL has been approved to be a fully licensed member/broker on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange(DCSX). Registered in Willemstad of Curacao, the company falls under the laws of Curacao and is directly supervised by the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange.  As such the DCSX has thus authorized DCSL to provide its investor clients with securities brokerage and related business including securities trading , securities underwriting, securities asset management, securities investment advisory, securities investment agent, etc.


The company will provide these services in the both the English and Chinese languages.


"the DCSX is very excited with the onboarding of DCSL as a new member/broker"; especially becasuetis is opening the DCSX platform to the vast Asian market as a whole. We very much look forward to this new opportunity and are sure same will create an enormous potential for especially the Asian Small and Midsized Enterprises (SME's) and the investing public who wish to participate in the expected boom within this sector worldwide" stated Mr. René Römer , CEO of the DCSX.


DCSL confirms its vision and mission to provide top-class international investment experience, maintaining an ultra low commission level and being committed to becoming the leading brand of securities industry in the Dutch Caribbean focused on Asian markets.



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Markets: +++ 2 1/2% CuraÇao 2010/2020 (s/a)*; +++ 2 3/4% CuraÇao 2010/2025 (s/a)*; +++ 2 7/8% CuraÇao 2010/2030 (s/a); +++ 3% CuraÇao 2010/2035 (s/a)*; +++ 3 1/8% CuraÇao 2010/2040 (s/a)*; +++ 2 3/4% CuraÇao 2013/2043 (s/a)*;