Last Thursday May 12 Minister of Economic Development of the Curacao Government Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath received at his office the CEO of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange "DCSX" René Römer who introduced Mrs. Sharon Amezcua from Los Angeles and Mr. Edward Fitzpatrick from London.
Both have a long track record in guiding a/o financing startup companies from all over. Thru the purchase of SSX (a Startup Stock Exchange services company that is already a Listing Advisor and Broker on the DCSX and that helps startups to get a listing on the DCSX) Messrs. Römer and Fitzpatrick are convinced that startups from all over have a unique opportunity to be listed and ultimately traded on an affordable and professional securities exchange: the DCSX.
"The opportunities are big and we are very happy to see that the Government of Curacao continues to support the DCSX and sees what an important role it can play both locally and within our international financial services industry" .(René Römer). Minister Rhuggenaath expressed that "this is exactly the type of new business that we must bring to the Island".


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