The DSCX is a proud to announce yet another listing : Bistron Investments B.V.

As informed before Bistron Investments company is a company specialized in and focused on investments in alternative and sustainable energy services companies and projects. The company will initially make most of its investments in Latin American developing countries where they find investment projects that have either a proven track record and expected sustainability or in other way are especially because of their expected return on equity ratio's. 

The company's Listing Advisor is Trustmoore (Curacao) N.V. based out of Curacao, Dutch Caribbean.

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Markets: +++ 2 1/2% CuraÇao 2010/2020 (s/a)*; +++ 2 3/4% CuraÇao 2010/2025 (s/a)*; +++ 2 7/8% CuraÇao 2010/2030 (s/a); +++ 3% CuraÇao 2010/2035 (s/a)*; +++ 3 1/8% CuraÇao 2010/2040 (s/a)*; +++ 2 3/4% CuraÇao 2013/2043 (s/a)*;