December 30, 2014


Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange N.V. (“DCSX”) announces new listings.

 The DCSX is pleased to announce that just before starting the new year 3 new listings have been completed. The companies are :

  1. iRocket B.V.
  2. ColInnovation Investmenst S.A.S. and
  3. Signo del Eclipse S.A.


 iRocket B.V.

 iRocket B.V. is a publicly traded holding vehicle organized for the sole purpose of investing in the parent company of (Amphora Dinarius Inc.). is a leading online personal finance management system for users in Latin America. provides users with a suite of tools and recommendations tailored to help the users achieve financial security and meet specific financial goals. generates revenue as a lead generator for leading Latin American banks and financial services providers and currently has agreements in Mexico with Banamex and American Express to generate leads for financial services products. Rocket’s system gathers information about its users and generates leads using a predictive algorithm. This process provides structured leads and increases the chance that a user will purchase financial services products. Rocket will earn a commission.

 ColInnovation Investments S.A.S.

 ColInnovation Investments SAS will be a Public Holding Vehicle created to invest in innovative companies with operations in Colombia, and have regional growth trajectory. ColInnovation Investments SAS will be the first of several investment vehicles created by ColInnovation SAS to stimulate technology innovation in Colombia and facilitate investment in Colombia’s leading  entrepreneurial efforts.

 Signo del Eclipse S.A.

 Signo Del Eclipse S.A.  is a Costa Rican holding company dedicated to various types of economic activities - investments, administration and management services for the Companies Group in particular. The Group is active in the Latin American automobile industry. Amergeris Global Listing & Exchange Services (“GLEX”) is the Group’s Listing Advisor.

 In addition to this new Listing, DCSX started to investigate possibilities for the listing of Global Depositary Receipts (GDR). A GDR is similar to an American Depositary Receipt (ADR), which used to be the most prevalent form of depositary receipts. GDRs are sold outside of the United States and outside of the home country of the issuing company. Most GDRs are, regardless of the geographic market, denominated in US Dollar. The number of GDRs surpassed ADRs because of the lower expense and time savings especially on the London and Luxembourg stock exchanges. DSCX aims at becoming an attractive alternative for GDR listing in this region.

 Furthermore the DCSX is pleased to announce that we have been recognized by the UK’s Her Majesty’s  Revenue and Customs (HMRC) department. Please be referred to: RSE tables

This recognition acknowledges that he DCSX is undertaking the normal business of a stock exchange and regulated as an investment exchange in a major economy or a significant international financial centre.

 Last but not least we wish all DCSX Relations and Friends a very prosperous 2015 .

We look forward to together further develop our young exchange and thank everyone for their efforts.


Management DCSX



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