Offering types

A legal entity, regardless of its industrial sector or country of origin, may request a listing on DCSX. The entity can issue its securities through a public or a private placement:

  1. Public Offering: offering to the investment public, after the registration requirements with the DCSX have been complied with of new securities (IPO) or a secondary offering of previously offered stock

  2. Private placement: the sale of securities or other investments products directly to a limited number of investors.


The objective is to provide a cost-effective listing, while ensuring that certain standards are met to ensure investor confidence.

To meet investor expectations in terms of transparency, companies are required to communicate key information to the market, audited annual statements, and the group management discussion and analysis.

Markets: +++ 2 1/2% CuraÇao 2010/2020 (s/a)*; +++ 2 3/4% CuraÇao 2010/2025 (s/a)*; +++ 2 7/8% CuraÇao 2010/2030 (s/a); +++ 3% CuraÇao 2010/2035 (s/a)*; +++ 3 1/8% CuraÇao 2010/2040 (s/a)*; +++ 2 3/4% CuraÇao 2013/2043 (s/a)*;