Dutch Caribbean Securities (Limited) B.V.

Address: Pareraweg 45, P.O. Box 4917 Willemstad, Curaςao
Contact person: Frank Lammers

The Dutch Caribbean Securities (Limited) B.V. (DCSL), is a local international securities company located in Curacao (autonomous region of the Netherlands Kingdom). It is also a member of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange(DCSX). Registered in Willemstad of Curacao, the company abides by the laws of Curacao and is supervised by the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange. The company is the licensed securities broker of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange. The Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange authorizes the company to provide investors with the securities brokerage business and related business, including securities trading, securities underwriting, securities asset management, securities investment advisory, securities investment agent, etc.

The company is committed to continuously improving its international service level and providing a wide range of service languages, including English and Chinese. The company provides easy and smooth opening and trading platform, free quotation information and high-level customer service. The company's securities business covers all kinds of securities listed in the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange, including stocks, funds, bonds, etc. Investors can choose freely in a variety of trading products, invest flexibly, and maximize the revenue.

The company provides top-class international investment experience, maintains an ultra low commission level and is committed to becoming the leading brand of securities industry in the Dutch Caribbean.