The Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) is an international Exchange for the listing and trading in both domestic- and international securities.

The DCSX is licensed by the Minister of Finance, supervised by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten and in close cooperating with the authorities assuring that it can operate under a well functioning yet practical supervisory environment.

The DCSX forms part of the international financial services sector that Curacao is well known for ever since the Second World. Having an extensive and broadly specialized professional financial services sector the launching of a securities exchange was a logic step in further enhancing the (local and) international financial services sector.

The DCSX is self regulatory organization subject though to direct supervision by the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten. At the DCSX we realize that for the international business community to prosper, startups as well as small and medium sized enterprises must be in the position to attract capital on a regulated, practically oriented and exchange and to do so at fair costs. It is this startup and SME community that the DCSX is focused on servicing.

At the DCSX we have developed listing rules for the issuer, tailored to the needs of the market. The emphasis lies on the disclosure of vital information in a cost and time efficient procedure that guides the issuer through the administrative process. The DCSX ensures transparency for the investor and guarantees visibility for the issuer at all times. The listing fees of DCSX are kept highly competitive.

Name: René Ph. Römer
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange N.V.

Biography: Over 30 years of experience in the international financial services industry. He had the opportunity to work with and for one of the most reputable and longstanding international financial services providers, i.e. the Citco Group of Companies. During his 28 years at Citco Mr. Römer had the privilege to occupy several managerial positions in several jurisdictions and in both the Fiduciary Services and the Banking services areas. These managerial positions have allowed him to gather a broad experience in the operational, financial and marketing aspects of the financial services industry as a whole.

Name: Derk Scheltema
Title: President of the Board of DCSX
Company: Amicorp Curacao BV

Biography: Derk Scheltema studied Industrial Engineering and Business Administration at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, where he obtained an MSc. He started his own business process consultancy company carrying out business process improvements, and change management projects for corporate clients. He has worked on implementation projects at among others, ABN AMRO Bank, carrying out system, change management and business process outsourcing projects in Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt, Paris, and New York.

Derk joined Amicorp in 2007, taking on the role of Business Process Outsourcing Project Manager in the Americas and has gained exposure to corporate structuring, transactional services, and fund set-up and administration.

In 2009, Derk moved to Shanghai China to take on the role of Managing Director of the of the Shanghai office, from where he relocated to Curaçao halfway 2011 to head the Curaçao office. Derk is a board member of the Curacao International Financial Association, and is the chairperson of the supervisory board of the DCSX.

Name: Walter Blijleven
Title: Treasurer of the Board of DCSX
Company: The Curacao Financial Group N.V. (cfg)

Biography: Walter is an experienced finance professional. In the 8 years before starting cfg, he held senior management roles in both public and private organizations in financial services, banking and law enforcement. Walter is a Master of Science in Business administration and is qualified as a Dutch Certified Public Accountant (“registeraccountant”) and a (US) Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA). Walter credits his leadership ability, management of large teams, “keeping cool” under pressure and sense of humor to his lengthy service as an officer in the Royal Netherlands Navy. In this capacity, he rose to Chief Supply Officer on Navy flagships involved in NATO anti-terrorism operations in The Mediterranean. At cfg Walter specializes in business valuations, mergers & acquisitions, exit planning and value building.

Name: Bas Horsten
Title: Board Member DCSX
Company: Corporate & Fund Administration Services Curacao

Biography: Bas Horsten is currently general manager of SGG Corporate & Fund Administration Services Curaçao, with a regional responsibility for the Caribbean offices and Latin American markets; He has 20+ years of experience in estate planning and corporate & trust services. He has previous experience as general manager of respectively the Cayman, BVI and Curaçao based corporate & trust operations for the Citco Group. For the past 15 years, his commercial focus has been the Americas, with specific interest in wealth planning for Latin American HNWI and families. He holds a degree in civil and corporate law of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He is a TEP (Trust and Estate Planner under the Society of Trust and Estate Planners organization and President of the STEP Curacao Chapter ). Core areas of expertise are corporate structuring and administration, trust and estate planning as well as fund administrations. He is fluent in Dutch, English, and Spanish, with a fair knowledge of French, German and Russian.

Name: Jerry van Gijn
Title: Board Member DCSX
Company: Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange N.V.

Biography: Jerry van Gijn has a varied career covering posts as a Group’s Credit Controller, Financial Accountant, Senior Loan Officer and Manager Credit Department of a Factoring company in Holland, Assistant Managing Director of a commercial bank in Aruba and as off 2011 a Member of the Managing Board of the largest bank in Curacao, the Maduro & Curiel’s Bank N.V. Jerry is a frequent guest speaker at Colleges, Business Seminars, the Chamber of Commerce and UNESCO’s sponsored educational program “Women in Progress”. He is also a member of The Institute of Credit Management in London. This prestigious membership is earned by professionals who have effectively demonstrated the credibility, knowledge, confidence that has become increasingly necessary in today’s fast-moving Financial Services Industry. Jerry is also specialized in syndicating major consortium deals in the hotel, utility, health, transport and infrastructure industry. Jerry also served as Board Member of the Aruban Chamber of Commerce and is Board Member of Caribbean Factoring Services B.V. and Fundashon Lus I Speransa. At the Maduro & Curiel’s Bank N.V. Jerry is responsible for the overall success of the Corporate and Commercial Credit Business Line.

Name: Alberto Da Costa Figeira
Title: Board Member DCSX
Company: Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange N.V.

Biography: Coming soon…

Name: Maria-Liza Zunder-Curiel
Title: Board Member DCSX
Company: Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange N.V.

Biography: Maria-Liza Zunder- Curiel is a young professional, active in the International Financial Sector of Curacao and currently working at Vidanova Bank in the role of Investment Officer. Maria-Liza has also gained experience of the dynamic investment world in the Netherlands where she held positions at ING Investment Management. In previous positions (In the Netherlands and Curacao) her focus was related to valuation, business analyses, business development and project management. Maria-Liza has a Master’s degree in Finance and Investments from the Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

Name: Li Houhai
Title: Board Member under nomination process of the DCSX
Company: Shanghai Chucheng Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Mr. Li has been accepted by the present DCSX Board to join the DCSX Board and be in charge as a specialized Director advising the DCSX on capital market developments in the widest sense in the Asian region. His acceptance by the Board has been sent to the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten who need to then confirm their agreement after which the shareholders can also approve the appointment.

Biography: Mr. Li Houhai holds the postgraduate diploma of Hong Kong University, Member of the Institute Of Public Accountants(Australian), China Financial Planner Qualification, Chinese Registered Financial Analyst Qualification, the independent director qualification of the listed company: Shenzhen Securities Exchange, The Securities Practice Qualification, the Futures Practice Qualification, Certificate of Accounting Profession, etc. Mr. Li Houhai is the Listing Executive of Listing Adviser of Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange, and the Responsible Officer of Member of Shanghai Equity Exchange. Mr. Li Houhai has long been engaged in China's multi-level capital market and international capital market business. He has successfully completed more than dozens of company listing, and has extensive investment banking experience. Not only is Mr. Li well versed in the way of capital operation of Chinese local enterprises, but also he has a wide international vision. He demonstrates a long-term commitment to helping outstanding enterprises in Asia Pacific region enter into the international capital market by capital and management, stimulating the innovation and growth of the enterprises, and promoting industrial integration and social development.

Supervisory Organizations

Ministry of Finance: the National Ordinance on the Supervision of Securities Exchange stipulates that the Ministry of Finance is the authority to issue a license to operate an exchange in Curacao , albeit after close consultation with the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten.

Central Bank of Curacao & Sint Maarten: the oldest supervisory institution of this kind on the Western Hemisphere. Its history cannot be viewed separately from the history of especially the Island of Curacao and its banking and currency history. From an economic point of view, Curaçao and the other Dutch dependencies, had no significance at the beginning of the 19th century. Except for products such as salt and wood, the islands were completely dependent on imports. Curaçao, as an open port, was the meeting place for the exchange of raw materials coming from Latin America and the Caribbean and destined for Europe. The Europeans, on the other hand, traded their products with merchants from Latin America and from Curaçao. As a result, several foreign currencies circulated on the islands. Curaçao operated financially on the basis of Spanish coins, such as the piastre or pillar dollar, and the Portuguese golden Joe, used for large payments. Various small French, German, or Prussian coins circulated as small change. The traders exchanged these foreign gold and silver coins for goods in the so-called trade houses. Because Curaçao's, imports were greater than its exports, the islands regularly experienced a shortage of money, or rather of coins. Merchants made cunning use of the shortage of coins by speculating. They made and distributed their own value notes in the form of credit notes, which they circulated at high interest.

The use of different coins and credit notes resulted in a rather chaotic financial situation in the colony. This situation was a thorn in the flesh for King William 1st, who dreamed of making Curaçao the center for all trade between the Dutch Kingdom and America.

In 1826 the King proposed the establishment of a bank to organize the Colony's financial affairs. Two years later, on February 6, 1828, the Bank was established. The bank was housed in the Garrison Fort of the West Indian Company, now known as Fort Amsterdam, where the government administration also was located. Three clerks, employees in the General Accounting Department, were appointed for the administration and accounting of the newly established bank. Thus, the Bank became part of the Financial Department as a state bank and did not have an official name.

The objective of the Bank was to promote trade within the colony of Curaçao by issuing credit to merchants. Furthermore, the Bank acted as a government cashier, making payments to the private sector on behalf of the government.

The Bank was popularly known as the "Bank van Leening" or "Credit Bank."

The DCSX Foundation functions as the self regulatory direct supervisory body that assures that Management of the DCSX adhere to the processes as laid down in the Rules and Regulations. It is also the DSCX Foundation that needs to approve new members to the DCSX. The Board of the DCSX Foundation is comprised of representatives of financial institutions and or other organizations whose interest it is that Curacao has a well functioning securities exchange.

Presently the Board consists of:

Name: Guiveron T. Weert
Title: Managing Director
Company: PSB Bank N.V.

Biography: Mr. Guiveron Weert has an M.B.A. degree in Finance and a Ph.D. degree (summa cum laude) with concentration in Financial Management. Mr. Weert worked three years as a financial advisor and division leader at an investment firm in California. Subsequently, he joined a local money management firm in 1998 and held the position of investment advisor and shortly thereafter managing director. In 1999 he joined the Central Bank in Curaçao and worked in the Banking Supervision Department and was subsequently appointed as head of the Investment Institutions and Trust Supervision Department at the Central Bank. Mr. Weert has also been teaching classes of financial accounting, management accounting, and corporate finance at the University of the Netherlands Antilles and CURISES since 1999. Currently he holds the position of managing director of PSB Bank responsible for the financial and operational affairs of the Bank. He also acts as the Chairman of DCSX Foundation since 2013.

Name: Dick Erdmann
Title: General Advisor Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange N.V. (DCSX)
Board Member DCSX Foundation
Company: Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange N.V.

Managing Director Sensei-Trias International Ltd: General Management financial services industry, M&A, Startups and Advisory, Venture Capital, International Securities Exchanges. Broad understanding of and experience with the local and International Financial Markets of USA, Latin America, Europe and Middle East. Keen interest in market developments and insourcing of specialized or turn-key projects for the institutional market..

Former Managing Director Merrill Lynch: Global financial services and investment banking firm. Private wealth, institutional investment advisory, brokerage and commodity futures trading.

Name: Solange M. Fingal
Title: Chief Investment Officer
Company: Algemeen Pensioenfonds van Curacao

Biography: 25 Years of experience in the local and international financial industry. Manages since 2004 a broad spectrum of local and international assets with a net worth of USD 2.2 Billion for the largest pension fund in the Dutch Caribbean. Highly proficient with complex financing thru debt and/or equity instruments. Master degree in business administration and bachelor degrees in Actuarial Sciences and Accountancy. Occupied different supervisory/advisory board positions throughout the past decade. Involved with the DCSX from the very beginning. Strongly believes in the power and ability of an exchange to enhance the efficiency within capital markets and amplify the possibility for demand to meet supply of capital in an organized environment, where traditional financial institutions are not able to commit.

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